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Laureate of the start-up contest IMM 2015 – Chloé Julien, founder of BandSquare

Published on September 8, 2016

What do you keep from the year you passed at IMM?

IMM truly allows gaining accurate and relevant knowledge on the state of the art and the prospects of all the media sectors in a short time. It is a rare opportunity for a young start-up to be able to directly access all this knowledge and in particular be in contact with all those experienced people, both the speakers and the classmates!

How do you connect this or these assessments with the development of your start-up?

Drawing inspiration from other industries, their methods and their evolutions is critical for the development of a product within a start-up. The prospects that were opened through the discussions on data usage have been central to our product development at BandSquare.

The BandSquare Team

Who would you recommend this training course to?

I would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to better understand the media ecosystem and its trends, to draw inspiration from it, to (re)orient oneself, to expand one’s knowledge and daily activity, whether one is a strategic decision-maker or not.

Describe IMM:

1 word: encounter

1 person: David Bowie (who else?)

1 expression: “The one who knows how to listen will in turn become the one listened to.”

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