Positioned at the forefront of digital mutations since 1983, Institut Multi-Médias supports executives, managers and organizations in the media and communications sector in their adaptation and transformation challenges. It joins MediaSchool Group in 2013.

A knowledge and networking accelerator, the Seminar offers senior executives a France/USA program dedicated to creation and innovation in the media and telecoms world. 35 professionals selected every year have access to a complete analysis of the sector, its evolution, through technological, economic, legal, editorial and strategic topics. Thus IMM has hosted 29 classes, over 1000 speakers (the most renown and promising experts) and has gathered a network of over 1500 participants since its creation.

« The Multi-Media Seminar is an atypical and ground-breaking object, midway between a training course, a space for exploration and freedom of speech and a network, both physical and virtual. We are trying to optimally prepare our participants to be able to create, develop, undertake and continuously clear the way. Our main objective is to contribute sustaining a strong innovative ability within their companies. The sixteen conference days in Paris as well as the week in the United States have to be aligned with this constant renewal requirement.

Thus joining IMM is lifting one’s nose from the grindstone and discovering new horizons, alternative professional roads that lay ahead of you. In a complex future where careers will be less and less linear, and more and more sinusoidal, IMM appears as a precious viaticum to find a way filled with boldness and creation.

Welcome to the next class! »

Rosa Luna-Palma,
Managing Director of IMM

About MediaSchool Group

MediaSchool is a higher education group specialized in the fields of communication, journalism and digital technologies. Counting 20 schools (ECS, IEJ and #SUPDEWEB, split other 9 cities) and 2 continuous training centers (IMM and MEE), MediaSchool group has a unique skillset and allows our students to be trained in these ultra-competitive worlds, from their initial training to a lifelong learning throughout their professional lives.